Networking and Communications
Tristan Henderson
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Networking and Communications including Design, implementation, and analysis of network architectures and algorithms; Enterprise, datacenter, and storage area networks; Network science and web science; "Internet" science; Distributed applications (including management) and social media ; Data center networking and Software Defined Networks; Experimental results from operational networks or network applications; Economic aspects of the Internet; Energy aware communication; Insights into network and traffic characteristics; Network management and traffic engineering; Network security and privacy; Network, transport, and application-layer protocols; Networking issues for emerging applications; Fault-tolerance, reliability, and troubleshooting; Operating system and host support for networking; P2P, overlay, and content distribution networks; Resource management, QoS, and signaling; Routing, switching, and addressing; Techniques for network measurement and simulation; and Wireless, mobile, ad-hoc, and sensor networks.