Software Engineering
Bashar Nuseibeh
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Agile software development, Architecture and design, Aspect-orientation, Autonomic computing, Cloud computing, Component-based software engineering, Configuration management and deployment, Crowdsourcing, Debugging, Dependability, safety, and reliability, Development tools and environments, Embedded software, Empirical software engineering, End-user software engineering, Feature/goal modeling and analysis, Formal methods, Generative programming, Green technologies, Human-computer interaction/human factors, Mobile applications, Model-driven engineering, Parallel/distributed systems, Patterns and frameworks; Performance, Program comprehension, Programming languages, Refactoring, Requirements engineering, Reverse engineering, Search-based software engineering, Security, (Self-)adaptive systems, Software economics and metrics, Software evolution and maintenance, Software processes and workflows, Software reuse, Software services, Software testing and analysis, Software visualization, Traceability, Ubiquitous/pervasive software systems, Validation and verification, Web-based software