Web Technology and Science
Ricardo Baeza-Yates
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Web Science and Future Internet applications, Web Search, Recommendation and Predictions in the Web, Web Data Mining and Information Extraction, Web Data Visualization and Exploration, Big Data in the Web, Web Personalization and Contextualization, Semantic Web, Linked Data, Internet Economics & Monetization, Web Advertising, Social Networks, Online Experiments, Crowdsourcing and Wisdom of Crowds, Web Interfaces & User Experience, Web User Engagement, Web Usability and Accessibility, Web Information Architecture, Social Media, Web 2.0 Technologies, Social Issues in the Web, Arts & Culture on the Web, Web Engineering, Web Hardware and Software Infrastructure, Web content management and data-intensive Web applications, Web Privacy and Security, Web Services, Modeling of Web applications, Rich Internet Applications, End User Web programming, Web Testing and Evaluation, Performance modeling & monitoring in the Web, Web Quality and Metrics, Mobile Web, Web Ubiquity and Pervasiveness, Web Governance, Web Characterization, Web Archiving.