Academic Institutions

ACM Books is priced affordably for institutions to maximize the accessibility of all titles published in the series. ACM Books Collections I, II, and III each consist of 25 books published across a wide range of topics in computer science.

ACM Books pricing is based on an ownership model that provides perpetual access rights for customers purchasing an entire collection of ACM Books. The ACM Books Institutional Access Model provides unlimited, site-wide access for all authorized users with no DRM restrictions and fully integrated functionality within the ACM Digital Library platform. When an institution purchases a Collection, access will be turned on in the ACM Digital Library for all published books in that Collection. As new titles are published in the Collection, they will become accessible to all users within the institution’s IP-authenticated domain.

For Academic Institutions, pricing is based on several factors, including:

  • ACM Digital Library Tiering based on size and number of students and faculty at participating institutions
  • Participation in various academic library consortia
  • Economic discounts based on the World Bank List of Economies
  • Pre-publication discounts based on content in development
  • Number of collections purchased

Pricing for ACM Books is per collection and provided in U.S. dollars.

List Price
Tier 1 = $1,500
Tier 2 = $2,500
Tier 3 = $4,000

Consortium Discounted Price
Tier 1 = $1,425
Tier 2 = $2,375
Tier 3 = $3,800

"Pre-Pub" Price (Collection III)
Tier 1 = $1,425
Tier 2 = $2,375
Tier 3 = $3,800

Bundled Price (Multiple Collections)
Tier 1 = $1,350
Tier 2 = $2,250
Tier 3 = $3,600

To determine your institutional tier or for Non-Academic Institution pricing, please contact ACM at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)