Since 1954, ACM has been the leading publisher of high-quality scholarship, in the form of journals, technical magazines, conference proceedings, newsletters, and bibliographic databases for the computer science community. During this time, ACM has established a close working relationship with the international library community based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding of ACM's unique mission-based approach to publishing scholarly information.

Our focus on "quality over quantity" and "service over profit" has driven our editorial-need-based approach to launching new journals and to pricing the ACM Digital Library below prices offered by nearly all other scholarly publishers existing today, regardless of their for-profit or non-profit status.

ACM Publications are respected for their high impact on the communities they serve and are regarded by many in those communities as the most prestigious outlets for their best work. Publishing with ACM is considered a high honor and for many in the community the pinnacle of their scholarly careers.

ACM is an active partner to the international library community, participating in dozens of library meetings around the world, serving on panels, committees, and boards of organizations like Portico, CrossRef, and ORCID, providing valuable feedback and training on the use of our products and working to ensure that the ACM Digital Library, ACM's flagship publication platform, is Open URL, SFX, and Shibboleth and Athens compliant, and that our licensing terms take into account best practices and ethical codes of conduct from the library community.

ACM Books is a new series of high quality monographs and graduate level textbooks, but the model for ACM Books is based on a longstanding tradition of excellence and a well established technology platform and publishing infrastructure that has the international library community front and center in its thinking about eBook distribution and licensing terms, pricing, digital preservation, and access.

In order to learn more about ACM Publications in general and our close relationship to the library community, please visit our Librarian Resource Website at