Author Instructions

Author Manuscript Preparation Instructions and Guidelines

1. Files and Templates for Authors

2. For all authors:

The ACM Guide files are to help you prepare a manuscript that is consistent with others in the series in terms of terminology, reference style, and other elements, and attention to these details will save you time later on. If you need to request exceptions to these, please let us know.

3. For all authors preparing a manuscript using LaTeX:

  • If you are starting now: Please download the above ACM book zip. If you have any questions, please contact us at, and we will either help or put you in touch with our compositor.
  • If you already have a draft or partial draft, please consider transferring it to the ACM Books style, or ask us to do it for you before you submit the draft manuscript.

4. For all authors preparing a manuscript using Word:

We will gladly reformat any Word Document into the ACM Books style.

5. Republication Policy

Please review ACM's Republication Policy.

6. ACM Author Rights;

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