ACM has among the most liberal publishing policies of any scholarly publisher today. Over the years, our policies have evolved and been adapted to maintain this reputation as a forward thinking publisher. This policy reflects ACM’s non-profit and mission-based approach to publishing high quality information for the computing community, with an emphasis on wide-spread distribution and access.

Consistent with ACM’s general Publishing Policy all ACM Books authors shall be given the option of signing a Copyright Transfer & Publishing Agreement or an Author Exclusive License To Publish Agreement. However, while generally consistent with the ACM Copyright Transfer Agreement and Exclusive License Agreement for ACM journals, magazines, conferences, and newsletters, some differences do exist between these Agreements and the ACM Books Agreements ACM Books authors will be asked to sign, because of the unique nature of the ACM Books series and need to make ACM Books an attractive publishing option for book authors in the computer science market. These differences relate primarily to commercial considerations, financial remuneration for ACM Books authors, and posting or self archiving policies for ACM Books, which differs from ACM's general posting and self-archiving policy. All books in the ACM Books series shall be made available for collection-based or member-based purchase at reasonable prices in the ACM Digital Library.

Authors should consider both options and discuss them with either ACM or M&C if they have questions regarding the relative benefits of either version of the Publishing Agreement.

For more detailed information about ACM’s general publishing policies or author rights, please visit the following websites: